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Mid-20th Century Architectural Scale Art Glass

Big Color Blenko Book

Big Color Architectural Gurgle Decanters

Blenko Architectural

BIG COLOR defines and explores the revolutionary Architectural Scale genre introduced by Wayne Husted in 1954 and produced by the Blenko Glass Company of West Virginia.

The hardcover, cloth bound eighty-two page book begins with a twenty-five page essay with original research of the origins and range of the genre. At the heart of the book is a forty-six inch long centerfold showing all Architectural designs in chronological order and with rarity noted. Dozens of full plate photographs documenting over a hundred and fifty examples in both comparative and compositional images fill the latter portion of the book.

A limited edition of 500 copies has been printed and each copy is signed and numbered by the author, Damon Crain.

Excerpt from dust jacket:

"Architectural pieces are up to 46 inches (117 cm) tall; created to be of a scale substantial enough to engage with the architectural environment and elements like columns and stairs directly, unmediated by furniture.

An artist at heart and in training; the defining drive of Husted's tenure as resident designer for Blenko was his desire to create objects that could only be seen as works of art. By altering scale to an extreme and unprecedented degree he struck on an enduring and compelling new genre that suited the modern era, one that unequivocally demands to be considered as sculpture."

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