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Chaude Paper Composite
by Charlotte Jonckheer, Belgium


Designer Charlotte Jonckheer’s explores the intersection of classical and contemporary. The Impossible Plinth embodies monumentality and ephemerality through material and form. Made from 200lbs of horizontal limestone elements, supported by bisected vertical columns made from her signature ‘Chaude Paper Composite’ (recydled paper pulp mixed with stone powder), it is painstakingly fitted into a custom crate exoskeleton that completes the sculpture and extends its functionality. While the column can stand on it’s own, it cannot withstand any torque or more than 40lbs of gingerly placed weight. The cubistic interpretation of a classical column is, for conceptual and practical purposed dependent upon the shell that encases it.



Impossible Plinth
Nozay limestone, Chaud paper composite
(85% paper waste, 10% stone powder, 5% casein),
wood, plywood, screws, high density foam.

134cm.H x 55W x 55D / 52.75in.H x 21.75W x 21.75D