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Thrown and Glazed Ceramic Vaases
by Dirk Staschke, USA


The Vanitas series of vessels combines Dirk's skillful modelling and painterly abilities alongside his innovative glazing and firing techniques.

The gravitas of the genre resonates with our unique historical moment of plague and perturbance, existing perversely alongside an absurd bounty of plenty. Though we would do well to pass judgement on the coexistence of these extremes, that is not the role of Vanitas. Polemic is for the moment, for the Senate floor and the battlefield - whereas Dirk's series is a modest observation of a truth that haunts human society at some moments more viciously than others. Vanitas offers advice, not judgement; take stock, per diem.

Technically, the vanitas series is a result of Dirk's advanced explorations into the interaction of glaze and slip underglaze. By applying a slip with a lower temperature tolerance than the glaze and precisely controlling the timing of the firing, Dirk is able to execute a tightly controlled 'melting' of his imagery. Paired with his exceptional painterly and sculptural skills, and with a deft talent for representational imagery, technique and talent l have come together to create and unparalleled, updated, embodiment of the Vanitas genre for the 21st Century.