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Woven Wool Tapestry
By Jen Duffin, Canada


Self-taught Montreal weaving artist Jen Duffin is driven by exploration of color and texture, expressed through bold compositions of color fields.

“I grew up as a child of a military parent, so we moved often. This experience helped me to become very adaptable, and I am always up for an adventure or trying new things - I love to experiment.”

The spirit of exploration and the search for innovation is foundational to Jen’s practice. Her earliest work combined weaving and macrame techniques, which remains a signature aspect of her work today. Working within the constraints of simple, traditional frame loom weaving, Jen regularly experiments with new and different fibers. Her work is made exclusively with natural and sustainable fibers like wool, cotton, linen, silk, hemp, and other plant-based fibers. A signature element of Jen’s work is the use of roving, thick, un-spun wool. Stylistically her work is diverse, embracing both geometric and organic compositions. Often incorporating multiple aesthetic and technical approaches into a single work, each weaving is a complex integration of pattern, color and texture.

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Jen Duffin, Canada
Merino wool roving, wool yarn, linen yarn, cotton string, cotton warp thread.
70cm.H x 64W x 5D / 26.5"H x 25.25"