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Gold Leaf Graal Glass
By Morgan Persson, Sweden

Morgan’s work revels in a contemporary and lyrical aesthetic while breathing new life into one of glass’ most notoriously difficult techniques.

Requiring mastery of both hot and cold work, Graal’s complex, multi-stepped processes, allows for uncommonly detailed and expressive imagery within the glass. Developed at Orrefors in 1916, Graal is a technique in which the design is carved, engraved, or etched on a parison of colored glass, which is then reheated and cased in a thick layer of transparent glass and inflated. Morgan has evolved the technique with his introduction of gold leaf inlay and embellished this further with rich, marbled overlays and thick yet irregular crystal layers, further complicating the already challenging annealing process.

Yet the technical feats are far from the dominant characteristic of Morgan’s work. Organic, flowing forms contrast with sharp angles and geometric additions to the bodies of his vessels, within which his gestural and idiosyncratic imagery flows.

Exhibition History
“Graalen den heliga” 100-årsjubileum at  The glass factory (Boda 2016)
Masters behind the glass (Fabriken Österlen 2016)
Dream Team at The glass factory (Boda 2016)
Quo Vadis The glass factory (Boda 2015
Ekerums konsthall (Öland 2015)
Virsbo konsthall 2015
Antik- och konstmässan (Älvsjö 2015)
The Glassery (Stockholm 2015)
Galleri Sjöhästen (Nyköping 2015)
Galleri Nord (Örebro 2014)
Galleri Maralto (Smögen 2014)
Galleri Fregatten (Stenungsund 2014)
Galleri Pictor (Munka Ljungby 2014)
Antik- och konstmässan (Älvsjö 2014)
HELVETET (Galleri Svalan, Öland) 2014
Masters behind the glass (Österlens glashytta) 2013
Affordable art fair (Magasin 9, Stockholm)
Hett format (Landskrona konsthall) 2013
Roddarhuset (Vaxholm) 2013
Designarenan (Målerås) 2013
Antik & Konstmässan (Älvsjö)2013
The Glassery (Stockholm) 2012
Leon. Sandberg Bosättningsaffär(Nora) 2012
Unikt glas(Göteborg) 2011
Galleri Brozén(Åfors, Småland) 2011: Målerås
Galleri Hantverket(Stockholm) 2011
Ameland konstutställning (Holland) 2010
The Glassery (Stockholm) 2010
125 kvadrat (Stockholm) 2006
Fräs (Höör) 2006
Vaxholms vårsalonger (Stockholm) 2006
Liljevalchs vårsalong (Stockholm) 2005