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Carved Stone
By Steve Shaheen, USA



Traditional stone carving is an art of determination and patient skill, it’s slow revealing of form is well suited to representational imagery. Enter Steve Shaheen, a classically trained sculptor who transforms historical and anatomical imagery into subtly surreal and corporeal objects. Bones are a central theme to the artist’s work - be they animal or human. A stone collector of sorts, Steve is always hunting for blocks with promising color and veining, which he stockpiles until an appropriate form comes to mind. Beginning with knowledge of anatomical accuracy, the artists then fits the form to the given block of stone; pushing and pulling the shape to become a low, broad platter of a whale bone, for example. Elements are left unfinished as evidence of the process and material qualities of the stone.




Numina I & II
A series of unique lighted wall scuptures.
The aritst will never reproduce a form but will accept commissions with specifications of scale and compatibility.